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Stripping And Waxing vs. Stripping And Polishing Terrazzo Floors: The REAL Green Solution By Eco King

Concrete terrazzo floor cleaning

Stripping and Waxing a large Terrazzo floor area in a commercial setting is an expensive and reoccurring endeavor. When someone considers the cost of waxing a terrazzo floor area two times per year with materials and manpower included, the cost comparison to be made in comparing this process versus stripping and polishing a terrazzo floor can often reap a company noticeable benefits. Although stripping and polishing a floor one time is more costly than stripping and waxing a floor twice per year, the overall costs, wear and tear, and appearance unequivocally states that polishing can be a better solution in most situations. The average commercial terrazzo floor area requires stripping and waxing applications at least once a year chandler az, dependent primarily upon its overall use. An average polished commercial terrazzo floor area requires one extraneous polishing effort with routine maintenance that local janitorial staff can conduct with no special training.

In so far as stripping the finish off the terrazzo floor area is concerned, the process remains the same. The floor finish is stripped off with a stripping compound. The floor is chemically neutralized, rinsed twice, and left to dry. After the area is dried thoroughly, new wax coats are applied layer upon layer, as each previous layer dries, a new layer is applied until a satisfactory finish is attained.

On the polishing end, the terrazzo floor area is stripped in the same manner the floor was done, when it was waxed. However, once the neutralization and rinsing process has been completed grinding stones are used with a Planetary Floor Grinder are used with an auto scrubber so as to hone "grind" the floor surface to a semi rough texture. Then,series of progressively finer diamonds are used to restore or buff the shine back to the floor surface Tempe Az. Some call this vitrification. By using this process your Terrazzo looks like a granite counter top From an appearance state, the buffed and restored surface resulting from the polishing effort actually presents itself in a much better state than a waxed terrazzo floor, very reflective and elegant in its natural state.

The pros resulting from polishing are that a company can reduce its overall floor care costs and minimize the floor "down time". General maintenance via daily dust mopping and a weekly autoscrub with water is all that is needed verses two to four times per year of waxing and striping as like VCT Vinyl Floor. From a cost stand point, you remove the cost of all the wax and stripper chemicals and in so far as manpower is concerned, your custodial/maintenance staff can concern itself less with floor care projects and more with other cleaning projects. For the environmentalist in us, the use of less chemicals in the cleaning process is a sell to everyone, because less chemicals are used in restoring our floor areas to life.

From the overall cleaning perspective, the look is sheen, classy, and elegant. The price is affordable (currently) and it offers a good alternative to the use of nauseating cleaning chemical compounds in the workplace. Natural stone or terrazzo regains its appeal as a natural composite material, which is why it is often selected in the commercial setting, for its intrinsic feature value. The floor will actually regain its shine and appeal and gain the "eye" of a company's patrons, because most people notice floors first when entering a building in Chandler Az. The reason they notice your floors first is simple, most people walk forward facing downward; therefore, most people notice your clean/dirty floors first when they enter your building.

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