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Removing Excessive Finish From VCT

Deal with excess finish vct

Quality floor stripping and waxing serving entire valley. We also provide deep scrub and recoat, as well as maintenance programs. Contact us now to set up a free no obligation on site floor evaluation. If you have a commercial office space or industrial building chances our if its 12in by 12in squares you have a vinyl composite tile VCT and will need to maintain your floors for better appearance and longer life.

Have you ever been on one of those stripping jobs…

  • Where there was so much sealer or finish on the floor that it seemed nearly impossible to remove?
  • Where your pads/brush loaded up with slurry right away and the process took forever?
  • Where the job took two to three times longer to complete than normal?

Most contractors vow never to let that happen again… and then they’re surprised by a floor that didn’t look too bad, but turned out to be covered with excessive buildup of finish or sealer. Here’s how to avoid those tricky situations once and for all.

Test! Test! Test!

To avoid surprises before stripping a floor, perform some initial testing to determine the amount of sealer and/or finish is on your commercial vct floor Phoenix, Az.

  • Start by misting diluted stripper onto the floor. Apply just enough to soften the finish, but not enough to completely suspend it.
  • After a few minutes of dwell time, scrape the floor with a razor blade scraper or putty knife.
  • Take notice of how much sealer/finish is removed.

Initially this may be difficult to determine what is “a lot” or “not a lot,” but with time and experience, it gets easier. After doing the job, reflect back on the initial test and you will soon learn what’s “a lot” and “not a lot.”

Test a high traffic area as well as an edge, corner, and a hard-to-reach area. These sections tend to be the most difficult to strip due to excessive buildup, usually caused by untrained technicians applying sealer and finish wall to wall with each coat. (Technically, only two coats are needed because edges, corners, and hard-to-reach areas receive very little traffic. Plus, most edges, corners, and hard-to-reach areas are stripped manually with handheld tools, making the work more difficult and time consuming.)

If your test results indicate excessive buildup, try the Machineless Stripping Technique or the Dry Scrub Technique. Contact us today!

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