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VCT Vinyl Tile Stripping & Waxing: Pittsburgh, PA

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VCT is amongst the most in demand flooring these days and the credit goes to its durable and easy to maintain surfaces. This lustrous flooring is undoubtedly the best if taken care of properly.The gleaming floors at some school, hospital or commercial might also have given a kick to your thoughts that one such tile flooring can work in your kitchen or bathroom. Usually found in big facilities like hospitals, hallways, schools and offices, Vinyl Composite Tile or VCT flooring is different in composition and looks from other floorings.

Do your floors look dull and dirty even if they are mopped? Get back that shine to your floor; here are some useful floor care tips for your VCT Flooring:

What to do?

Cleaning, mopping and preventing the floor from scratches and stains are the primary activities that you must perform on regular/daily basis to give your VCT floor a long life. However, regular cleaning might not seem satisfactory after some time. So, what’s more…?

Stripping, Waxing, Buffing & Polishing: Hospitals, Medical offices, Churches, Hotels, Commercial Retail Businesses

Stripping and waxing plays a vital role in VCT vinyl tile maintenance, it is in simple words the procedure to remove existing wax (or finish as called generally) from your floor and applying the new one. For stripping, buffers (floor machines) are used at low speed on the floor to take off the existing wax. This is a labor intensive job. For areas with high wax accumulation, stripping process is needed to be repeated. Once this is done, floor rinse solution and water are utilized to clean the floor to avoid old wax to dry again on floor.

Make sure the floor is completely free of old wax and totally dry before applying new wax. The new finish is applied in coats. Use a mop for first coat and let it dry completely. Now, you can add as many coats you want depending on the shine you need and the finish you are using. (4-5 coats give medium shine)

After the last coat of wax dries, your floor is ready to walk on. Leave your Pittsburgh VCT Flooring on rest for at least two days, before you do any high speed buffing or polishing.

Now, you need a high speed buffer to restore the shine of your floor. Once waxing and buffing is all over, you just need a good polish and scrubbing and your floor is back to life.

When to do?

Performing all the above said activities is a time consuming and somewhat expensive task and needs professional assistance. It is advisable to repeat this process once a year depending on the floor type. Though, high speed buffering and recoats can be done in between. You can follow a maintenance plan or sign a contract with a professional agency or company offering annual VCT Maintenance. Maintenance efforts will not only extend the life of your floor but will also save you money in long run along with giving your floors a perfect gleaming looks.

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