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Eco King VCT Floor Stripping, Sealing And Waxing

Vct lvt stripping and waxing

Let me be straight forward, stick to a regular maintenance schedule and using the right cleaning products are the best way to maintain the look of any VCT floor.

Walking into virtually any commercial facility today Scottsdale, including Offices, malls, schools and retail outlets and the odds are pretty good the floor under your feet is Vinyl composition tile. VCT has proven to be a highly popular flooring choice due to its durability and ease of maintenance. In order to sustain its durability and be reasonably scratch resistant, VCT needs to cleaned regularly and maintained properly.

So a primary goal for maintenance professionals like Eco King is keeping VCT Vinyl tile clean and looking at their best, which helps extend the life of the floor. How often should your VCT floor be maintained Tempe Az:

  • Daily Maintenance: daily, the facility gets visitors and with time traffic begins to shows on the VCT floor, which would require cleaning to maintain the beauty of the floor and keep the environment clean. In this case light cleaning/scrubbing is needed, using our automated scrubbing machines Eco King guarantees a complete restore of glossiness and beauty to your VCT floor. Make sure to mop with neutral floor cleaner, only 1 cap full per mop bucket.
  • Periodic Maintenance: with heavy traffic in the facility, the coating or polish of the floor begins to erode away. That dullness does not go away with mopping alone, due to the fact that dirt and grit has been grounded into the VCT floor coating. The level of cleaning to be done by Eco King cleaning services will be determined by the amount of dirt or grit in the floor finish. Usually you will be recommended to Deep Scrub and re coat the floors with wax and/or burnish the current wax. Which will remove a small layer off the top of the wax, heat it up and harden it to a more durable shiny finish.
  • Restorative Maintenance: With time and traffic, dirt and grit accumulates and gets grinded into the VCT floor which makes the floor to look soiled all the time. Which can’t be fixed with “just” cleaning by the floor technician i.e. no matter how much the floor technician cleans or maintained the VCT Vinyl floor Tempe Az, the finish just won’t go back to that “wet” look. In cases like this, Eco King recommends a strip and refinish to remove all pre-existing finish which is soiled/dull in look, Sealing & re-apply multiple coats of new finish.

Why You Should Clean Or Maintain Your VCT Floor

  • Glossiness / Wet Look: walking into any commercial facility and take a look at the floor your walking on, does it have this glossy/wet look on it, yes? That how a properly maintained VCT floor would look like, there should be no case of dullness or dirt on the surface.
  • Environmental Safety: clean floors automatically result in a healthy environment, dirt and grit trapped in your floors affects the air in any facility and the air might be toxic which might result in sickness or disease for the occupants of the facility.

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