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Cleaning Polished Concrete

Commercial polished concrete floor

Because polished concrete floors are extremely durable due to the densification and polishing process, they generally are easier to maintain than other types of decorative concrete floors and require no waxing or sealers. With basic cleaning, polished concrete should keep its luster for years. Eventually, though, the shine can dull, especially in high-traffic areas.

Doug Demmert of Demmert and Associates recommends a simple maintenance program of occasional dusting to remove grit and damp mopping with a neutral cleaner to enhance the shine. Some manufacturers sell special cleaners and conditioners for polished concrete that not only clean the surface, but also leave behind a dirt-resistant film. These products can be applied with a mop or auto scrubber and do not require buffing.

If the floor begins to lose its shine, simply buffing the surface with a commercial polishing compound will often do the trick. If more touch-up is necessary, the floors can be lightly repolished with a fine-grit abrasive. See this checklist for maintaining polished floors.

General Maintenance Tips

  • Avoid floor designs with sawcut patterns, since the narrow cuts in the surface can trap dirt.
  • Unless the Tempe, AZ concrete floor is polished, always keep it protected with a good floor sealer. This top layer of protection not only prolongs the life of your floor, it can also enhance its appearance (see this list of common questions about concrete floor sealers).
  • For further protection against stains, dirt and abrasion, apply a good commercial-grade floor wax designed for concrete floors. This sacrificial finish will help to preserve the sealer and is easy to reapply if it begins to wear (learn more about concrete floor wax).
  • In areas of heavy traffic, such as entrances and foyers, reduce maintenance and wear and tear by using floor mats, both inside and outside of the entryways.
  • Concrete floors are a good choice for pet owners because they won’t trap pet dander and allow easy cleanup of muddy paws and pet accidents. Just give the floor a few swipes with a broom, towel or mop, and the mess is history (see Six Reasons Why Concrete Floors Are Pet Friendly).
  • Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your concrete contractor to keep your floor looking its best.
  • Only use cleaning solutions recommended by your contractor or the manufacturer of the floor sealer or finishing wax. Avoid harsh cleaning products.

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