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Why Choose Eco King: Drier, Healthier, Cleaner


Why choose Eco King over other cleaners?

  • We get out stains and spots that other carpet cleaners can't at no additional charge
  • Only 10 to 30 minutes drying time
  • Hygienically clean carpets that are safe for you, your children, pets, customers, employees, etc.
  • Carpet that last longer requiring less cleanings in the future
  • Uses more than ten times less water than hot-water extraction
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • No air pollution, noise pollution or water pollution
  • No risk of mold or mildew or sticky residue
  • No hoses, open doors or wick-backs
  • Guaranteed satisfaction, we wont leave till you're happy

Here at Eco King, we understand how important keeping your family, pets, and the environment you live safe and in balance. that is why we use only proven environmentally safe products that wont harm you or your loved ones. When you use Eco King, you can count on us to be:

  • Very reasonable on price
  • Thorough and professional
  • Discreet and respectful

Eco King's Method of is Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning using an OP Machine that agitates the carpet at 1800 RPM's. The first step in effectively cleaning any carpet is to counteract sticky soils. The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes so it can't attract other soil. The encapsulated particles release from the fiber and are easily extracted with normal vacuuming. And since there's no dirt attracting residue left behind, the carpet stays clean longer. 100% NO RESIDUEOur powerful cleaning system coupled with our all natural, organic, and eco friendly cleaning agents allows you to enjoy your carpets and upholstery like they are new. No truck mounted hot water extraction systems out there get your flooring or fabrics as clean or have them dry as quickly as Eco King does.

But you can have a clean, comfortable carpet that looks like new, smells great, is easy to maintain and is safe…

  • The first step is to make sure and vacuum your carpet at least once a week before the pollutants have a chance to embed in your carpet. If kids or pets are present in the house then carpeted areas may need to be tended to multiple times a week. To prevent rapid dirt accumulation, have house guests remove shoes before entering the home.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to eliminate putting unnecessary allergens and pollutants into the air.
  • Vacuuming will never get everything so it takes a skilled technician and a powerful cleaning machine to purposely kill microscopic, un-welcomed guests without damaging your carpet. Our skilled technicians are trained for this and we use the top of the line cleaning machines specifically for this reason. You can be ensured that we will remove deep rooted dirt, pollutants, allergens, dust mites and their by-products. Your carpets will get a care they require so you can breathe better and so you and your family can enjoy the comfort of a carpet that both looks like new and is safe.


To show our level of commitment to making sure your carpets are the cleanest they can be, we offer a 100% spot free guarantee for the first 30 days. That means if there is an accident that causes a spot within 30 days of us cleaning your carpet, we will come and clean the spot for free… no questions asked. Does not include pet stains of any kind.

100% Residue Free means you can have the peace of mind that your home will be left allergen free for you and your family to enjoy.Other companies use cleaning soaps and harmful cleaning agents that are forced to the under-layer by gallons and gallons of hot water only to leave the residuals behind to attract and act as glue to dirt. Our proven system leaves nothing; it just pulls out dirt and all other unwanted residues.

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