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Stages of the Commercial VCT Floor Care Maintenance Life Cycle


Initial maintenance defines those procedures that are to be performed on newly installed flooring. The extent of initial maintenance will be dependent upon the level of cleanliness at which the installed floor covering was left.


As the name suggests, these are the procedures that are conducted on a frequent, daily or routine basis. They are generally less-aggressive procedures and consist primarily of dry soil and grit removal (vacuuming, dust mopping, sweeping) and damp or wet mopping. Daily/Regular maintenance is perhaps the most important aspect of a maintenance program and is designed to keep the floor at a consistent level of appearance.

In high traffic environments performing these simple procedures more frequently can extend the time between and need for more aggressive and costly periodic or restorative procedures.


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Periodic maintenance generally consists of more aggressive procedures that go beyond dry soil removal and damp or wet mopping. They incorporate machine scrubbing, (with or without the application of floor finish), buffing, spray buffing, burnishing or some combination of these procedures. Periodic maintenance will address traffic-laning and the overall appearance and gloss of the floor. In high traffic areas, these periodic procedures may be part of the Daily/Regular stage.


Restorative maintenance is the most aggressive of all procedures. It typically involves stripping and refinishing of the floor and requires the largest investment of time, labor and money. It is performed when routine/periodic maintenance no longer provides the desired level of appearance.

Safety Tips

Since wet floors may be slippery, post “Wet Floor” or “Caution” signs before and during wet cleaning procedures and until the floor is thoroughly dry. Tape off aisles and other areas if necessary (example: 24 Hour Stores).

̊ Clean up spills and remove gum, labels, stickers, etc. immediately to minimize/eliminate slip hazards
̊ Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as eyewear, gloves and footwear
̊ Inspect floor machines making sure they are in good working condition according to the manufacturer’s recommendations ̊ If possible, notify facility staff and occupants before conducting maintenance
̊ Follow cautions and warnings provided by the manufacturer on the maintenance product containers
̊ Dispose of residual cleaning products and containers per your local disposal guidelines
̊ Refer to all maintenance products Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Floor Care Fundamentals: Preventative Maintenance Avondale Az

Grit Control

Controlling grit and soil is crucial to prolonging the attractive appearance of any floor. Grit or soil is any material — including dirt, stones, sand and clay — that is deposited onto the floor by normal commercial traffic. The best way to control grit is by using appropriate walk-off mats.

Recommended walk-off mats should:
̊ Have a high-friction, open surface design to knock grit particles from the bottoms of shoes and then trap the particles ̊ Be used at every entrance, inside and outside, should be at least as wide as the doorway and 8' to 12' long
̊ Have a backing that won’t stain the floor
̊ Be cleaned regularly, vacuumed, shaken and/or hosed off frequently

While walk-off mats will retain a substantial amount of this grit and soil, some will still find its way into the building. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and dust-mopping will help to further control this type of grit. 

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