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Do's and Don'ts

Do: Test and seal Your Travertine as needed. You may have read about sealing your stone and all the "hassle" cleaning travertine is, but I assure you it’s no big deal. The job is as simple as... "wipe on - wipe off". The time and cost involved is really inconsequential when compared to how fabulous travertine counter tops and floors look in your home—not to mention the added value when compared with other surfaces. And if your travertine needs polishing, you may not need sealing. Just test it to find out paradise valley az.

Use a top quality penetrating sealer like Stone Care Pro & SenGuard Sealers to protect your investment.

Do: Blot up spills immediately.Travertine is much more sensitive than granite to acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, sodas, toiletry products and cleaning products that can etch (dull) the polish (shine) or stain the surface phoenix az.

Do: Clean surfaces using a sponge or soft cloth.The only cleaning agents you should use on a regular basis are hot water and a specially formulated stone cleaner/sealer. I recommend sealing your travertine floor.  Buff dry with a cotton cloth or chamois. Using a mild soap occasionally (3-4 times a year) for cleaning travertine won’t harm the stone, but consistent use will dull the surface Phoenix.


Do: Use coasters under all glasses, bottles and cans. Bottles, cans and glasses with acidic drinks may etch the polish or damage the surface leaving a "glass ring."

So make cleaning travertine easy and avoid expensive marble polishing and marble restoration by treating your travertine surfaces like fine wood furniture. Always use coasters matter what.


Do: Use a tray for toiletry products in the bathroom. A decorative tray can look very nice and it will protect the surface from the damaging chemicals contained in many toiletry products phoenix az.


Do: Dust mop your travertine floor tile regularly. Use a clean, dry, non-treated dust-mop. Be careful using a vacuum cleaner. Worn parts or grit jammed by the wheels may scratch the surface. Also, mop regularly using a specialized stone cleaner paradise valley az.

Tip: Travertine polishing on floor tile makes a very slick surface, so go with a "honed," "tumbled" or "flamed" floor tile. It will look warm and inviting and hide dust and dirt much better. Also, travertine's distinctive voids and holes can easily be filled upon installation to keep dirt from accumulating.


Do: Use door mats inside and out along with runners and area rugs.Grit, dirt and sand carried in by our shoes are abrasive and will wear and scratchtravertine floor tile.

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