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How to Clean Travertine in 3 Steps

Cleaning Travertine Without the Pitfalls

Sylvia Cochran

Learn how to clean travertine glendale az. Shower and kitchen-specific instructions make cleaning travertine easier and dispel a good many myths -- find out the natural products to avoid at all costs -- surrounding this sometimes problematic but always gorgeous tile material.

Introducing Travertine

Install travertine surprise az in a home and it instantly eliminates its cookie-cutter, big box home improvement store look and feel. Learn how to clean travertine and the tile material will remain beautiful for decades. Skimp on the instruction, and cleaning travertine becomes an uphill battle that may leave the stone with unsightly streaks and worse. peoria az

Travertine Cleaner: Hype or Must-have? Surprise arizona

Learning how to clean travertine peoria az - whether in the shower or kitchen - before long introduces the homeowner to natural stone cleaners. They make quick work of grout and travertine stains, while also removing the more benign dust and dirt build-ups. A good example is Miracle Sealants Tile and Stone Cleaner(1) from Home Depot. Biodegradable and environmentally safe, it removes stains and grease, which makes it a must-have for the kitchen or bathroom environment.

Cleaning Travertine in Three Steps

Clean travertine with a vacuum first As odd as it may seem when learning how to clean travertine - shower or kitchen-installed - a vacuum cleaner is a major component of the process. Consider the minute and sometimes not so small pores of the stone and it only makes sense that suctioning out debris, dust and even skin flakes is a necessary first step.

Dilute natural stone cleaner Cleaning travertine with undiluted natural stone cleaner - generally with a 'more cleaner, more clean' mindset -- is a common newbie error. Personal experience has taught me that this approach leads to unsightly travertine polishing discolorations. Instead, use warm water and dilute the stone cleaner in keeping with the manufacturer's instructions. Depending on the amount of staining and soiling of the tiles, this process may need to be repeated a number of times until the tiles are to the homeowner's liking.

Wipe dry with a soft cloth Cleaning the travertine in sunny Surprise arizona may let the homeowner get away with air-drying. All others should plan on hand-drying the tiles to avoid the formation of water rings and patterns.

Which Travertine Cleaner Should You Never Use?

Vinegar is a time-honored cleaning liquid that finds multiple cleansing applications inside the home. Cleaning travertine is not one of them. Never clean travertine with vinegar (diluted or otherwise), ammonia, citrus based shower cleaners or halved lemons dipped in baking soda. Travertine is extremely sensitive to acids and will etch and dull.

What to Do If You Read This Article on "How to Clean Travertine" Too Late?

Try to clean and polishing travertine over the course of a week with frequent applications of properly diluted natural stone cleaner and gentle washing and drying. If white streaks and stone discolorations mar the surfaces in spite of all the best efforts, it is time to call in a tile installer and have the surface refinished and sealed. While many a purist decries the use of sealants on travertine, its use in kitchens and bathrooms all but demands it.


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