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Breeze through Travertine Cleaning

One of the most popular stones used for the interior of the house is the Travertine. It is characterized by a beautiful and exquisite aura which never fails to give elegance to a home whenever and wherever it may be made of. Get a Free Estimate for stone cleaning, polishing, honing & sealing in the Phoenix Metro including Scottsdale, anthem and entire valley. Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Phoenix. 

Now you may ask about some tips on travertine cleaning & honing Anthem az. Caring for your Travertine isn’t really troublesome. It doesn’t require much maintenance; however, improper care might very well lead to the possible damage of your prized stone. When your stone gets damaged it can be quite costly to perform stone polishing & honing to get back to its original form.

What you could do to prevent this from happening is to seal the travertine after installation so that it could strengthen its surface and enable routine maintenance to be easier. Always keep your travertine free from dust or dirt particles so as not to damage its stone surface. If you have a travertine floor, be sure to sweep your floor regularly and mop it with warm water and a quality stone cleaner.

There are available cleansers which can be used to for travertine cleaning & polishing Phoenix, Travertine is an calcite based stone and any acidic product will cause surface damage to it through etching, in addition Abrasive cleaners, scouring pads and vinegar are also causes of etching. It is best if you buy one which is specialized for the travertine stone. If you spill something on your travertine floor by accident, wipe this up quickly. Spills of orange juice or other citrus-based products should be avoided to keep the stone from etching or staining.

If you have honed travertine these spills are less noticeable as compared to polished or semi-polished ones. Also, in travertine cleaning Scottsdale az, you should use coasters on all travertine and apply felt bottoms to canisters and decorative pieces before placing them on the stone. If you will be using stone cleansers on surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, Tile & grout sealing, be sure to use the ones which are stone-safe. Those general purpose cleaners for sinks, tile, glass and tubs will only end up damaging your travertine.


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