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Performing natural stone care in Phoenix with years of experience behind us. If you are looking for a professional stone restoration company, then Eco King has got you covered. We have the experience you need, plus the sense of pride in a job well done. We have carried out stone care and restoration for hundreds of homes and businesses in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We offer services such as professional marble restoration, in addition to several other types of stone. Call us at 602-214-9858 for expert and professional stone care advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation.

End Result

Looking for a mirror-like shine? Or, do you want a semi-gloss finish instead, or a matte stone finish? Whatever the finish or polish level you are after, Eco King can deliver the results you seek. Newer stone floors often have different levels of gloss on the tiles. We can easily even out the polish level for your flooring as part of our stone care service.


Marble Polishing

Polished Natural Stone PhoenixSome softer stone is capable of being polished to a high gloss, but to keep that level, some upkeep is needed. We use a combination of both abrasive diamonds as well as polishing powders to polish your stone to any level that you may desire. Armed with the most current knowledge of the condition of your stone as well as our expertise, you’ll always know exactly what to expect.

Sealing / Impregnating

After the stone is restored, it should be protected with a sealer to stop dirt and spills from absorbing into the stone. Most stone is naturally porous and if left unsealed, it will absorb spills leading to unsightly discoloration of your stone. Stone sealing protects your stone and provides time to remove a spill before any damage is done to the stone.

Marble & Travertine Stone Floor Cleaning

Using a cleaning method specifically designed for each type of stone, Eco King can clean your floor thoroughly. Marble cleaning is best achieved with a neutral pH cleaner. However, if the floor is worn, dirt can collect at low points, giving a dingy look to your stone. Having a polished stone floor and properly maintained makes cleaning and stone care for your stone easy. At Eco King , we guide you on just how to keep your stone looking its best between maintenance cleanings.

Marble Stain Removal

Stains and discoloration in stone happen. Eco King is able to remove most stains and restore natural stone back to it's original beautiful condition.

Marble Maintenance

Eco King knows that you need knowledge of care for your stone between service calls. That's why we provide advice that's both free and applicable in addition to a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your home or business. It's not just about restoring stone. We know the best way to perform the services is to ensure that they last longer. Correctly polishing and restoring a limestone floor might mean the difference between dingy and drab floor to flooring that is beautiful for a long time between visits. For commercial locations with high traffic we create a customized maintenance plan to keep up. Call the pros at Eco King today and find out the many different ways that we can help you. 602-214-9858

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