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Organic Low Moisture Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Peoria Az

Organic cleaning for upholstery and furniture Glendale

Do you remember the first couch you ever acquired all by yourself? I’m not talking about the one from the attic that your parents sent with you when you first moved away from home for the first time. That stuff was quality and now it is messed up.

You must put in a great deal of time and money to get your dream furniture, there is no greater pleasure than wanting something and having it. Now you have your furniture but to keep the reason why you feel in love with it at first, you have to maintain and clean.

Cleaning your upholstery or furniture might be a big feat irrespective of the make, be it suede, microfiber, sofa and the couch. Upholsteries are like pets and human, they need to be cared and catered for; to remain at prime quality. But people pay little attention to this detail. For instance, to retain the color of your upholstery, you have to keep it away from direct sunlight.

There are several ways to clean your upholstery but am going to write a few down below with a recommendation:

You are reading this for a few reasons and am guessing you want your upholstery cleaned, yes? Yes! Good, this article was meant for you alone.

There are several ways to maintain and clean your upholstery organically, there is an emphasy on organically and they can be only achieved by hiring Eco King cleaning service.

Eco king is a reputable and professional carpet cleaning service offering the best services ever for over 10 year s and we would like to share and offer our expertise on cleaning upholstery organically, be it sofa, a couch, suede or microfiber etc. it works for any fabric peoria az.

Do remember all upholstery fabrics are different and can’t be cleaned the same way. Before using any cleaning tool or agent check the furniture tag (it always has one) and look for the following symbols: “W” meaning it can be wet-cleaned, “S” meaning it can be solvent-cleaned and lastly “X” means dry vacuum only. No type of cleaning agent must be used on this type of fabric. Eco king recommends cleaning should be done between 1 and 2 years depending on the furniture’s location, level of use and exposure to soiling. 

At Eco King our main goal is remove normal soiling organically without changing the color, texture or finish of the fabric glendale.

It is much more effective to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your upholstery providing they are eco-friendly like Eco King. A good eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning company that uses safe product to clean your furniture can save the life of your pet. We humans can tolerate a small amount of toxins but constant exposure over time can be harmful.


When processed extracts of natural plants such as soy, corn, grain, potatoes, trees, etc., are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences, they lose their former characteristics. New particles are created described as "colloidal micelles." Colloidal micelles are so small (.000,000,001cm) they can only be observed with the most powerful electron microscope.

How do they work?

They surround and separate (emulsify) oil (hydrocarbon) molecules from each other and/or the surface to which they cling. Once surrounded and separated, the soil can be rinsed or wiped away as easily as dry sand.

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