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Allergy Safe Cleaner Tips by Chris K


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Your carpet acts like a sponge, sucking in all of the oil, dust, pollen and pollutants you, your children and pets track in every day.


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Avoid Sneezing – Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you have allergies, the atmosphere in your home can cause just as many symptoms as you experience outside at the height of the hay-fever season. Organic Carpet Cleaning Phoenix az.


A clean carpet will help you eliminate many of the pollutants that end up in your home.  The following tips will help you keep these dreaded allergens under control.


Carpet Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers Phoenix az 85018


Tip # 1- Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned At Least Twice A Year.


Pollen season is brutal in Atlanta so you definitely want to get the carpets cleaned after each season.  Keep in mind that even though Fall allergens  may not leave a yellow coat on your car, they are just as serious, so don’t neglect your early winter cleaning.  Also, remember that pollen seasons may start early or end late due to atypical weather patterns, so plan your cleaning accordingly, considering an interim cleaning if you have a difficult time with allergies organic carpet cleaning phoenix arizona

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