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How to Clean Berber Carpet

Is the Berber carpet you fell in love with starting to look less than perfect? The same unique style characteristics that attracted you to Berber carpet require special techniques when cleaning it. The cleaning techniques are just slight variations to normal cleaning, but they can make a huge difference in how clean your Berber carpet is after it’s all said and done.

What you’re going up against

If you want to clean your own Berber carpet, it helps to know what you’re going up against. So what unique features does Berber have that will affect how it comes clean, and more importantly, how you will attempt to clean it? There are a few.

A major factor is the type of fiber the Berber is made of. The more economical Berber carpets are notorious for being made of olefin. Unfortunately, olefin attracts oils making the carpet appear dingy. These oils can come from your skin, residue on your shoes, or from cooking in the kitchen. If you have this problem, it is unlikely you’ll get your carpet clean yourself. Oily olefin carpets are even one of professional carpet cleaners biggest headaches. Another common Berber carpet fibers is nylon, and it is much easier to clean—aka you may be able to do it yourself. Serving Phoenix 85050 and Valleywide.

A second factor to keep in mind applies to all Berber’s, and that is they have a tight weave. So why does this matter? The unique weave of Berber tends to hold water causing two problems. The first is that if you use too much water to clean your Berber rug, it can mildew because it won’t dry. The second is a phenomenon called ‘wicking’. Your carpet may appear clean at first, but as it dries, the oils start to reappear. Dry cleaning helps avoid this, and sometimes a second round of cleaning is required for dirtier carpets

Another thing to ask yourself before cleaning Berber carpet is if it’s truly dirty or ruined? In lower quality Berber carpets (and sometimes higher quality Berber’s), the loops can crush, meaning they flatten down. The way the crushed loops reflect light may make the carpet in these areas look dirty, but in fact, it’s irreparable damage. Take a look at heavy trafficked areas and make sure the carpet is not smashed down, and if it is, know that it may be time to replace your carpet and not waste your time trying to clean it.

We use a very low moisture system that is best for removing dirt, soil and staining from berber carpet and rugs phoenix az 85050. We leave behind no soap or cleaning residue, dries in 1 hour and cleaners are plant based and organic for a safer indoor environment. We combine very low moisture cleaning with dry carpet cleaning cleaning for the best results guaranteed!

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