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    Mop the floor with warm water and a vinegar solution. Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with a gallon of water and proceed to mop as usual. If the floor still doesn't look as clean as you would like, mop the floor again using fresh water and detergent. Do not use this on natural stone flooring such as travertine or limestone.

    • Rinse the floor with clean warm water after you are done washing it. It is important to remove all residual soap from the tile floor so it doesn't remain on the floor to attract and hold dirt. Stone polishing and sealing scottsdale az.
    • Do not use vinegar or chemicals on polishing marble flooring. See How to Clean Marblefor information on safely cleaning sealing and polishing stone floors.
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    Remove stains from tile floors. If a spill is left to sit for awhile, it can stain your tile floor. Make a paste to spot clean the area. Tile & Natural Stone cleaning, sealing, polishing scottsdale az 85254.

    • Prepare a paste using a 50/50 mixture of scouring powder and warm water.
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    • Rub the paste on the stain using a clean cloth, and then allow it to sit for five to 10 minutes.
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    • Scrub the area with a soft brush, then wash the area with warm water and a cloth to remove all remains of the paste.
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    • Repeat the process if the stain is still visible.
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    Clean mildew from tile floors. Tile floors in bathrooms tend to get mildew sometimes. The best prevention method is to air out the room after you've showered and keep the floors dry. If mildew does accumulate, an ammonia solution should take care of it. VCT Tile waxing and cleaning scottsdale az.

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