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  1. Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaning Tips Buckeye Az

    For everyday laminate floor maintenance use the Bona floor care system.

    Clean blood stains with window cleaner.[5] Spray a small amount of window cleaner on the stain and wipe it away immediately with a warm, mildly damp cloth.

    • Use a non-abrasive microfiber cloth.
    • The sooner you can attend to the stain, the easier it will be to remove it.
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    Remove chewing gum with a plastic knife. Scrape away the gum with a plastic knife and rub off any residue with a soft, damp cloth.
    • Dampen the cloth with mineral spirits for best results.
    • Do not use a metal knife, since it is too rough and more likely to scratch the floor.
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    Wipe away soda, wine, crayon marks, or ink with a damp cloth. These stains can usually be removed simply with a mildly damp microfiber cloth.
    • You may need to apply mineral spirits to the cloth in order to remove waxy crayon marks.
    • For stubborn ink stains, you may need to add a little detergent or ink remover to the cloth in order to completely remove the stain. Make sure to re-clean the area with a cloth soaked in warm, clean water afterward.
  4. Clean Laminate Floors Step 19.jpg
    Get nail polish, shoe polish, or tar off with acetone nail polish remover. Add a little nail polish remover to a microfiber cloth and scrub the stain until it comes up.
    • Wipe over the area with a microfiber cloth soaked in clean water afterward.
  5. Clean Laminate Floors Step 20.jpg
    Erase heel marks and scuffs with a pencil eraser. Simply rub the eraser over these marks until they lift off the laminate.
  6. Clean Laminate Floors Step 21.jpg
    Freeze away grease. Apply an ice pack or a package of frozen vegetables to the spot until the grease hardens. Scrape the frozen grease off using a plastic kitchen knife.
    • Do not scrape the grease away with a metal utensil.
    • Wipe off remaining grease residue by spraying a small amount of window cleaner on the spot and wiping it off with a damp cloth.

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