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Importance on Maintaining your Laminate & Hardwood Floors

By Cheryl Thompson

Wood floors are a sound investment -- but over time scratches, scuffs and squeaks can dull out their shining good looks. Check out cleaning tips and fixes to touch up floors without calling the pros. Phoenix az 85018 602-214-9858

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From a classic oak or maple to an exotic acacia or Brazilian cherry, wood floors add envious glamour to any home. While carpet is a popular go-to option for bedrooms, elegant wood floors still take first prize in other areas of the home. So much so that homes and apartments with hardwood floors often sell quicker and net more money. "Wood floors look rich, clean and are actually healthier," says Rusty Swindoll, assistant technical training director at the National Wood Flooring Association. "Compared to carpet, wood flooring is easier to clean, making it ideal for people who have allergies." Cleaning Wood Floors.Beauty and convenience aside, wood floors certainly take a beating over time. High heels, foot traffic and pet accidents all threaten and damage polished flooring. We have solutions for all of the scuffs, scratches, indentations and wear that life throws at your beloved wood floors. Cleaning Laminate floors.CLEANING WOOD FLOORS

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Abrasive particles like dirt, sand or gravel gather on the surface of your wood floors, making them look dull and causing scratches. Mats, runners or area rugs placed near entryways help catch dirt where it enters. In fact, doormats can eliminate 80 percent of the dirt tracked inside a home.To start, clean up food and water spills immediately. Then make sure to mop and vacuum frequently. Mop the floor with a cleaner especially made for the type of hardwood floors that you have installed. "If you use the wrong cleaner," Swindoll warns, "it won't adhere to the finish as well and could cause the floor to peel." Looking for a chemical-free approach? Invest in a steam cleaner. Or kick it up a notch with a combinationvacuum/steam mop.To protect the finish, never use silicone-based polish, cleaners that contain oil, wax or ammonia, or vinegar solutions to clean the floor, Swindoll advises. Vinegar may be the worst offender, as it contains acid that will dull out floors. Refinishing laminate floors.REMOVE STAINS FROM WOOD FLOORS- Water spots: Water can cause white spots to form on a wood floor's finish. Apply a small amount of mineral spirits to an extra-fine steel wool pad and rub the spotted area in a circular motion.- Food stains: Wipe the area with a damp cloth, then rub dry and wax.Refinishing wood floors.

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