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The floor can be walked on in 1 hour; furniture can be moved back in 3 hours. It's that easy!


We see a lot of people online recommending water & vinegar to clean laminate floors. This is a big mistake!  VINEGAR IS AN ACID and each time you clean laminate with it, it eats away at the surface, dulling and potentially weakening the aluminum oxide coating of your floor.

The Problem: It starts with the Factory Over-Spray:

picture of floor before lamanator plus cleaning

It is important to understand why laminate and other engineered flooring that looks so great when first installed starts to look so bad within 6 to 12 months.When all engineered flooring, including laminate, vinyl plank, bamboo, cork, and even some wood is manufactured, the edges of the individual boards are sprayed with either an oil or wax depending on the manufacturer. This is done to help seal the edges to help prevent moisture intrusion. As the oil or wax is being sprayed, some of the mist from the spray lands on the top of the boards. It is clear so you don’t see it. After installation this "Over-Spray" will attract cooking oils in the air and other contaminates and oils tracked into the house. That will then cause the floor to start collecting dirt and other things tracked in. This factory over-spray cannot be removed by simple mopping even with a store bought laminate floor cleaner.You may wonder why the factory doesn’t remove this "over-spray". It’s about money; It would require another production line and another step in the manufacturing process. They also don’t see this as a big problem, shortsighted as that might be in our opinion.Laminate Floor Cleaning & Sealing | Wood Sandless Refinishing Process Anthem | Prescott Valley Az

Many people that have laminate type floors complain about footprintsfrom bare or stocking feet. Pets can also leave footprints on the floor. This is due to the factory over spray residue attracting dirt & oils off the bottom of feet or paws. As the floor gets dirtier and dirtier it starts to show more foot prints and paw prints and it becomes harder and harder to clean. What usually happens then is you go down to your local hardware or flooring store and buy some type of laminate floor cleaner, like Bona, Mop and Glow, Fantastic, Orange Glo, etc... This just adds to the problem as those so called laminate cleaning products do not take off the factory over spray, but rather mix with it, making the problem worse. They also do not adhere to the aluminum oxide coating that is the super hard protective that is on top of the floor. Now your laminate floor looks streaky, smudgy and dirty all the time.

The Solution: Lamanator Plus

picture of laminate floor after using lamanator plus restorer

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