Laminate Floor Cleaning | Sealing Wood Floors Phoenix | Scottsdale Az

Laminate Floor Cleaning | Sealing Wood Floors Phoenix | Scottsdale Az

How to Clean Laminate Floors – Less Water is Best

Cleaning laminate floors is a breeze with the right mop. This handy guide will teach you how to clean laminate floors effortlessly so you have more time to put your feet up! Contact us at 602-214-9858 for a free no obligation laminate, wood floor evaluation phoenix and scottsdale az.

To get started you will need 2 things:

#1 Microfiber Mop


First make sure you have the right mop for the job. The best way to clean laminate floors is with a microfiber mop


Microfiber mops glide across the floor picking up dirt and pet hair effortlessly. The swivel heads make it super fast to cover large areas, they get under tables and chairs easily, plus they require less water which is best because laminate flooring warps easily if exposed to waterWorn laminate and wood floors will need cleaning and sealing to prevent future damage.

#2 Cleaning Solution

You can either buy a manufacturer’s cleaning solution or make one yourself (scroll down to see my recipe for homemade laminate floor cleaner below). Either way you’ll need a spray bottle to squirt the cleaning solution onto the mop pad.

Quick Instructions

  1. dry mop with your microfiber mop OR use a vacuum on the wood floors setting to suck up big dust bunnies and hair tumbleweeds
  2. dampen the microfiber pad with warm water and spray on the cleaning solution of your choice
  3. mop the floor
  4. when the microfiber pad gets too dirty simply – rinse, replace and continue
  5. when you’re finished rinse the microfiber pad and put it in the washing machine on sanitary wash

The Lamanator Plus system helps clean, seal, protect, and intensify the surface of today's laminate and hardwood floors. While there are many cleaning and sealing products on the market designed for carpets, vinyl flooring, hardwoods, and ceramic tile, we have yet to find any other products which are designed specifically for laminated flooring. In addition, many household cleaners are not effective on laminated flooring, and result in causing problems. These problems include water damage due to penetration into the joints, dulling, and streaking. Scratching and scuffing marks may still be left behind. The Lamanator Plus system is designed to eliminate these problems. It also extends the life of the floor, as well as improving the appearance.