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How to Clean Laminate Floors

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Laminate & Hardwood floors Fountain Hills az need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent them from getting scratched or warped, but using harsh cleansers can create streaks or damage the laminate. General cleaning with a dry mop should be done regularly, but for more intense cleaning, warm water or mild cleaners can also be applied. Here are some of the best ways to clean & Refinishing laminate floors scottsdale az.

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    Even though laminate & hardwood flooring fountain hills az is fairly scratch-resistant, excess dirt, hair, and debris can cause scratches to develop if allowed to build up over time. Regular sweeping prevents such scratches from forming.

    • Instead of using a dry dust mop, you could also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.
    • Do not use a standard floor brush. The stiff, straw-like bristles on the brush could damage the surface.
    • Sweep in the direction that the laminate floor tiles were laid. Doing so allows you to pick up any debris that falls in between the grooves of the laminate and hardwood flooring pieces phoenix az.
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    Clean up spills immediately. Use a cloth or sponge to immediately clean up any liquid spills.

    • Do not allow any liquid, even water, to sit on the floor for prolonged periods. Liquid can stain or damage the protective wear layer of the laminate flooring.
    • Soak up excess liquid with a dry cloth.
    • Dampen the cloth or sponge before spot-cleaning the location of the spill to remove any remaining residue.
    • Dry the spot with a dry, soft cloth. Do not allow the area to remain we


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