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  2. Purchase a commercial floor finish stripper that is appropriate for your VCT Floor tiles.
    • To make your job easier, select a stripper that does not require rinsing and is "Tera Choice" (Canada) or "Green Seal" (USA) certified.
    • For best results, use a floor finish stripper that is the same brand as the floor wax you typically use.
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    Chandler az Buy or rent an electric floor scrubber and a wet-dry vacuum' to reduce the elbow grease required. The heavier machine you can get, the easier the task of stripping the floor finish (& sealer if that is the case) will be. The floor scrubber scrubs away sealers and floor finish, and the wet-dry vacuum will suck up the stripper and sealer/floor finish residue afterward.

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    Gather your supplies for the VCT Floor stripping and waxing.

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    Remove any furniture, area rugs or pet food bowls from the area mesa az. Sweep orvacuum away any dust, crumbs or loose dirt.

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    Test the floor stripper on a part of the floor that is not readily visible before you get started. Some older linoleum floors cannot withstand stripping and the color may bleed.

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    Determine your plan of attack. You'll want to start in the corner that is farthest from an exit and work your way toward the exit. If you are doing this by hand, plan to strip 2-by-4-foot (60-by- 120-cm) sections of the floor. If you are using a floor scrubber, you can strip larger sections-generally 100 square feet at a time for stripping gilbert az.

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    Fill one bucket with the floor finish stripper. Dilute it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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    Put all of your scrubbers, scrapers and tools in another bucket mesa az.

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    East Valley Bring all three buckets to the corner of the room that you plan to use as your starting point.

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    Use the mop to cover two 2-by-4-foot (60-by-120-cm) sections of the floor with the wax stripper. Apply enough stripper to coat the area thoroughly but not so much that it floods the area and soaks between seams or cracks. Apply stripper more liberally in areas with a lot of buildup. This will help you in your stripping & waxing east valley az.

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