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Commercial Carpet Care

Proper carpet care can be a complicated part of commercial cleaning and facility management.

A myriad of cleaning choices are available, and deciding what carpet cleaning process or chemical to use can be a confusing task. 

Below, different experts weigh in with their top tips for commercial carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tip #1

Up-to-date vacuums can reduce cleaning times in the different commercial spaces, according to Eric Hickman, a cleaning consultant and product manager for Powr-Flite.

In some environments, traditional upright vacuums cannot be used efficiently due to furniture and other impediments.

For example, an office with clusters of work stations will slow down the vacuum process unless a cleaner is equipped with a backpack vacuum.

Backpack vacuums are lighter and more comfortable to use, Hickman says.

This style of vacuum works well in congested office environments, and quick access to the tools and accessories can reduce overall vacuuming times.