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Commercial VCT Floor Stripping & Waxing Goodyear Az

 Cleaning Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) 

Vinyl Floor Cleaning


One of the best ways to keep your facility clean and presentable is have a professional commercial floor cleaning company Buckeye bring your vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring back to life.

VCT floors offer a unique air cushioning that insulates against cold and improves sound absorption in almost all commercial space. VCT flooring is ideal for heavy traffic and noisy areas in commercial office buildings, industrial warehouses, retail spaces, restaurant bars, educational institutions, and even churches. With proper restoration and regular VCT flooring maintenance, you can retain a more professional look for decades.


Sweeping and mopping will help prevent your VCT floor from scratching and staining – ensuring your VCT floor a long life. These two VCT maintenance tasks are the primary activities that you must perform on regular, or even on a daily basis. How often these tasks need to be completed depend on the amount of traffic and soil your facility accumulates. Stripping and waxing as needed is also important to VCT maintenance. Removing the existing wax finish from your floor and applying the new one requires some knowledge of flooring chemicals and equipment. Often facility managers leave this task to professional VCT floor cleaning companies. For stripping, floor buffers are used at low speed on the vinyl to take off the existing wax. This is a labor intensive job. For areas with high wax accumulation, stripping process may need to be repeated. After the finish is removed, the floor should be rinsed to remove any residue of old wax. Using a mop, the new VCT finish is applied in coats. The floor should be dried completely between coats, adding as many coats you wish. Depending on the shine you hope to achieve and the finish you are using, generally, 4-5 coats will give you a medium shine. After the last coat of wax dries, your floor is ready to walk on. But, you still need a high speed buffering to restore the shine of your floor. However, avoid doing any high speed buffing or polishing for at least two days after the last coat of wax is applied.
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