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How often should your VCT floor be maintained:

    •    Daily Maintenance:  daily, the facility gets visitors and with time traffic begins to shows on the VCT floor, which would require cleaning to maintain the beauty of the floor and keep the environment clean.  In this case light cleaning/scrubbing is needed, using our automated scrubbing machines Eco King guarantees a complete restore of glossiness and beauty to your VCT floor.

    •    Periodic Maintenance: with heavy traffic in the facility, the coating or polish of the floor begins to erode away. That dullness does not go away with mopping alone, due to the fact that dirt and grit has been grounded into the VCT floor coating.  The level of cleaning to be done by Eco King cleaning services will be determined by the amount of dirt or grit in the floor finish.


    •    Restorative Maintenance: With time and traffic, dirt and grit accumulates and gets grinded into the VCT floor which makes the floor to look soiled all the time. Which can’t be fixed with “just” cleaning by the floor technician i.e. no matter how much the floor technician cleans or maintained the VCT floor, the finish just won’t go back to that “wet” look. In cases like this, Eco King recommends a strip and refinish to remove all pre-existing finish which is soiled/dull in look and re-apply multiple coats of new finish.