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VCT Tile Floor Maintenance Tips Mesa azBy National pro clean

Q.  How do I clean a commercial office vinyl floor which has built in dips and they are heavily soiled? A.  Without personally observing the floor condition, my best advice would be to use a stiff bristle brush on a rotary floor machine and heavy-duty degreaser. Apply the degreaser solution and allow 10 minutes contact time mesa az. Run the floor machine over the area, working it slowly and covering a small area at a time. Before the soiled solution dries, wet vacuum and apply two clear rinses. If available, consult the floor covering manufacturer’s cleaning or stripping instructions. Carpet cleaning for commercial offices and businesses. Q.  What is the best way to blend start and stop points when stripping a floor in sections? A.  If over-lapping the stripping and under-lapping the finishing does not work, your next best solution is to tape cardboard to the floor along your cutoff line. Apply 3 inch wide masking tape to cardboard that is 2 feet wide. Make sure the tape cuts an exact line along the side of the tile. Go easy on the scrub operation so as not to flood the cardboard or abrade the tape. Carpet Cleaning Mesa az VCT Stripping and waxing services for commercial offices.On the last rinse, pull up the tape and cardboard. Work the edge (line of demarcation) with a 5x9 green pad installed over the mop head to get an exact blend. Razor scrape if necessary. Use a flat mop or backpack applicator to cut in the line when applying the finish. To deliver a flawless match, normally propane or high-speed burnishing is required to blend the start and stop lines. Q.  We can’t get up Betadine stains in surgery. Any ideas? A.  Some Betadine stains can be removed with a commercial coffee stain remover. Purdue, the manufacturer of Betadine, recommends a product called B.I.P Code 8 manufactured by Ruhof. The Ruhof website shows the product is guaranteed to do the job. Q.  What is the proper way to clean a Formica floor? Can an auto scrubber and or buffer be used? A.  If the floor is the Formica brand laminate, they recommend only sweeping, mopping, or damp wiping. Avoid using heavy machines mesa az. The floor may not hold up to the extra weight and excessive torque, and an aggressive pad or brush can cause scratches that cannot be removed. Q.  How do I maintain vinyl floor planking? A.  It would be best to first locate the manufacturer and study their cleaning guides. Mannington makes a commercial vinyl plank called Nature’s Path. Their online chart shows no damage to the product with an application of alcohol or mineral spirits.  If that is true for the floor you are bidding, consider squirting a slight amount of mineral spirits on each asphalt mark and lightly agitate with the center hole of a white buff pad. You could then install a thin white nylon scrub pad over the mop head and clean the floor with an all-purpose cleaner. Or, if the area is large, use an autoscrubber with a white pad.

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