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How to Properly Clean Commercial Ceramic Floors

If your office, company or business has ceramic tiled floors or walls, its important to make sure they are properly cleaned and maintained. Eco King Commercial Carpet & Tile Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to businesses throughout Arizona. Whether your business has shiny, glazed tile or unglazed tile made of natural clays, we use safe cleaning materials and processes that leave your floors and surfaces clean and sanitized.

Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning Tips Phoenix | Peoria | Glendale az

Glazed tile tends to have a tough, glasslike surface. Unglazed tile, which is often mixed with pigments, usually requires more attention.

To clean glazed tile floors and surfaces and carpet cleaning, its best to regularly remove grit and dirt with a vacuum and then wiping the tile with a mop or damp sponge. Make sure that any material you use to wipe the tiled surface is nonabrasive to avoid scratching the tile. For unglazed tile, its particularly important to avoid harsh cleaners. A solution of water and soap-less detergent is often best-suited for cleaning unglazed tile.

When using commercial cleaning products on your tile, its a good idea to use eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only are they better for the environment, but they also are more likely to be free of chemicals, peoria az, that are harmful for people and animals.

It's important to clean grout on a regular basis to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria and mold. Be careful cleaning grout though, as it is susceptible to stains from many cleaning agents. It's also important to clean grout quickly if something does spill on it. Grease, ink, dyes, blood, coffee and other staining liquids can be very difficult to remove from grout if it is left on too long. It's a good idea to apply a silicon sealer throughout the year to help protect grout from stains and mold. Commecial Carpet cleaning Glendale az.

Things NOT To Do When Cleaning Ceramic Tile

  • Do not combine ammonia and household beaches.
  • Avoid harsh sponges and cleaning agents that will scratch tile surfaces
  • Do not use cleaning products with colored dye on unglazed tile


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