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How to Clean Commercial Tile Floors Tempe az 85283
Jules Wright
It is very important to keep your commercial Carpet & tile floors clean at your place of business in order to maintain a professional appearance for your customers and visitors as well as keeping the building sanitary and clean. Here are some tips for how to clean and maintain your commercial carpet tile to keep your floors looking their best.

Your floors should be mopped daily with a good quality damp mop. This helps to prevent dirt and grime build up on tiles and in the grout as well as maintaining the shine on your floor. You can either hire a janitorial service or assign this task to an employee. The supplies needed include a good mop, vacuum, soft cloth, and floor organic cleaning solution.

For stubborn stains a nylon scrub pad or scrub brush along with a cleaning powder can be used for scrubbing out the stains. Before using any cleaning solution on your commercial tile floor, test the cleanser on a small section of flooring to be sure that it won't damage or discolor the tile. Scrub the stained tiles through with the scrub pad or brush with your cleaning solution and then rinse the tiles will clean water.

Don't use bleach on your commercial or office building tiles. This will discolor the grout as well as the tiles. If you have some particularly stubborn stains you may need to find a commercial tile cleaner to use. Always follow the directions given on the label. Also be sure that you don't ever mix two or more cleaning products together. This could not only potentially damage your commercial flooring but also might emit poisonous gases.

Here are a few other commercial & office carpet & tile cleaning tips tempe az:

* Always check the ingredients on the label of the organic cleaning agent before buying

* Always test a small spot on the floor with a cleaning solution before using on the entire floor to make sure it is not going to cause any discoloration or damage to the commercial tiles

* Carefully read all of the directions that come with the cleaning solution before use

* Never mix ammonia and bleach together as the mixture will emit poisonous gas

* Never use harsh acids like hydrofluoric or muriatic on residential or commercial tile floors

* Don't wax tile floors just to make them shiny. Regular carpet and floor cleaning and maintenance will keep your commercial tiles looking glossy and shiny.

In addition to daily mopping, be sure to clean up any spills on your commercial tile floors immediately. This helps to prevent stains to your floors.

In addition to the regular mopping of the commercial tile in your building, it is also a good idea to contract a flooring company to professionally clean your floor tile with their commercial machines. There are several questions you might want to ask a flooring company

One thing you will want to know is if the commercial floor tiles will have to be completely stripped or if a machine scrub will be sufficient. Another thing to find out is if your flooring needs to be sealed or waxed. Also ask the flooring company how often your floors will need refinishing and find out what types of cleaning solutions they will use to clean your commercial floors. Once you are satisfied that you are communicating with a professional, reliable flooring service, you can set up a regular maintenance and cleaning plan for your commercial tile floors.


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