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Quick Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Service

You need a reputable carpet cleaning service but you are very selective on how you want the carpet cleaned, you don’t want someone leaving residue of toxic cleaning agents in your carpet which is harmful to human health. Do you have pets or kids at home who play on the carpet? Do you enjoy lying or sitting on your carpet for exercise or rest, then we strongly advise against using any kind of cleaning agent.

What you need is an Organic Carpet cleaning agent which is completely made of natural and organic materials which would have no negative effects on your health or those around. Another question is, where can you find a reputable organic carpet cleaning service? Look no further, you have come to the right place, we at Eco King put clients health safety first and that’s why we use organic cleaning agents ONLY for all our services and client’s needs.

Eco King has been offering Organic carpet cleaning service for over 10 years, each service resulting to the satisfaction and good health of our clients. 

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

  • Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants: several sources of indoor air pollutants including cockroach, particle pollution and everyday dirt and dust can be retained by a dirty carpet. Toxic gases can be attached to these particles and get trapped within the carpet. 


Eco King cleaning services will kill these bacteria and remove deeply trapped pollutants within your carpet.

  • Carpet cleaning prevents mold growth: In areas with high humidity levels, a dirty carpet is at high risk when exposed to moisture of developing mold growth. Having your commercial carpet cleaned regularly can prevent mold growth. 


We at Eco King have high-powered drying tools that annihilate moisture.

Another benefit of carpet cleaning is: clearing out dust mite infestation 

Advantages of employing Eco King cleaning services:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We understand you won’t be happy paying for a service and not getting your desired results. With Eco King you get your desired result.
  • No cleaning residue in your berber carpet: Our cleaners are in capsule which transforms into dry powder form which are easily vacuumed leaving your carpet completely residue.
  • Organic cleaners:  our cleaner ingredients are not chemicals or toxic materials which might be harmful to your health or cause your carpet to wear quickly.
  • Over 10 years of experience: with over 10 years of quality service rendering, Eco King are seasoned cleaners who work with ethics and vigor leaving no room for mistakes or mishaps.
  • Fast drying time: we also work under short notice; we understand there would be times where you might your carpet cleaned and ready for a special event. We use very minimal water so your carpets get dry in minutes plus there is no room for mold or mildew growth in the carpets.

Above are just few of the advantages of employing Eco King cleaning services, you want your carpet cleaned with organic non-toxic cleaners, dry and safe? Give us a call today at 602-214-9858


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