Cat Urine Removal | Non Toxic Product With Guaranteed Results

Step By Step Guide to Remove Cat Urine Odor From Your Carpets & Floors

If you are having trouble finding exactly where the urine spots are i would recommend using a uv blacklight at night to find all the spots, mark with a penny in the middle of spot.

Once you have found all the urine spots and marked them you can now apply the Urine Removal Product, This product is non toxic and has a money back guarantee. I have used this product on cat urine and it has produced  great results. I am the owner of Eco King carpet cleaning in Phoenix Az and deal with pet urine every day. The bacteria and ammonia thats in cat urine is very difficult to remove and sometimes you will need to replace your carpet and padding and also seal your subfloor in certain conditions. 

I have been asked many times on what to use to remove the cat odor between cleanings and i want to pass the information along so that everyone can have the opportunity to be able to remove the cat odor and be aware of the dangers of using chemicals to treat your pet spots. 

This product that i recommend is non toxic and pet friendly, you can remove the odor and keep your pets safe from any harmful chemicals that can cause your pet to become sick. The product works by killing the bacteria and ammonia that cause the odor. You will need to apply multiple times in certain instances where the urine is very heavy or potent. 

First you will gather everything needed: Spray bottle, urine remover, water, multiple clean dry rags or towels, portable extractor(if possible)

Mix the urine remover as recommended into the spray bottle

Generously spray the area marked in a 8 inch diameter until the area is soaked

Let soak for 1 hour and then gently blot up with dry towel or extract with water if you have extractor

Generously respray the urine area until soaked and leave for 12 hours

Check the area for any urine smell left, Repeat process until all urine odor is removed.

If you have no success in using this product i would return the product and contact a local professional pet odor removal specialist. You might also need to replace your carpets in some circumstances. GOOD LUCK

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