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How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

"How often should I have my carpets cleaned Scottsdale az?" Without a doubt, this is the most asked question I hear. (Ironically, it is often asked as the carpets are being cleaned.) You are wise to ask this question. Think about some reasons.Your carpet represents a substantial investment within your home. It's not just the financial investment either. Carpets literally cover the floor. Because of this, sometimes directly, but most often indirectly, it greatly affects the look of a room and even your feelings about your home. I often hear people say that they 'just couldn't stand it anymore. They had to get the carpets cleaned.' After the carpets are cleaned, they may look visibly relieved and happier. Also consider what is involved in replacing the carpets if they are neglected and wear out prematurely. Besides the cost, it's a lot of work and upset to empty out rooms. So it only makes sense to take care of the carpets and make them last as long as possible. So when should they be cleaned? Stone Polishing Scottsdale az.When that question is asked, many times a definite, set answer is desired; for instance, 'every year' or 'once every six months.' Stone polishing & sealing.The question is not that simple, though. Although the rule of thumb is generally once a year, following that may cause you to clean an area more than is necessary or not enough. Either result can cost you money. 85251To answer that question, ask yourself other questions about the use of the carpets. For instance:
  • Does your family suffer from allergies? (Remember that a clean carpet can reduce allergens in the air. You may need to clean the carpets 2-3 times a year depending on where you live.)
  • Do you have petsHow many? (Although we love our pets, we also have to be realistic. Pets have hair and oil. They don't understand why it's important to clean your paws before coming back in the house. They don't know about napkins when they are eating or drinking. The more pets and the larger they are, the more often you will need to clean.)
  • How many people live in the homeDo you wear shoesin the house? (The more foot traffic the easier it is for wear patterns to develop on soiled carpet.)
  • How often is the carpet vacuumed? (The better care the carpet receives between cleanings the less often the carpet needs to be cleaned.)
  • What does you warranty require? (Many are not aware that this is required by the manufacturer.)