Consumers Beware

How  Unethical Carpet Cleaners Perform The Bait and Switch !
…and get away with it!!!!

The Bait & Switch is alive and well and is exactly as it sounds. Unethical cleaners will bait you with low, low  prices and switch to much higher prices at the completion of the job. Here is how it works: A carpet cleaner will advertise an extremely low price to clean your home, maybe $9 per room or 5 rooms for $45. But after the work is done, you receive a bill that is up to 10 times higher than you anticipated. At this point the cleaner will try to pressure or even intimidate the consumer to pay the higher bill. They may even call back to their office and lower the price a little in an attempt to get you to pay a higher price than they advertised.

Below is  4 steps you should take to avoid carpet cleaning services that use these horrible tactics.

Protecting yourself is simple.

1) If a price sounds to good to be true, it is. With labor, gasoline and the time needed to clean your home, no company can afford to stay in business at those low-low prices.
2) Make sure you know what is included in the carpet cleaning process, before they come to your home. Find out what are some of the extras fee that could be incurred.
 A lot of carpet cleaning companies charge extra for soiled carpets 3) It is best to get a carpet cleaner that has been in business for at least 5 years. That way you can ask for referencesfrom past clients.
4) Finally, when a carpet cleaner does come to your home, get a written estimate in advance of any work be done and any hidden fees.

There are many good carpet-cleaning companies out there; it just takes a little work and diligence to find them.