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What is it?

"One of this century's' most promising advancements in environmental science." Oliver Markley, PhD., University of Houston

Colloidal chemistry is the new technology that makes possible the conversion of extracts of natural plants into amazingly powerful, yet surprisingly mild and gentle solutions that dissolve oil, grease, scum, stain, and other hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons comprise 99% of all cleaning/degreasing challenges. Abstraction products are based on this new science. They are the only known plant-based, non-acidic, non-caustic, hypoallergenic cleaners that effectively remove dirt, grease and oil residue.

How are they created?

When processed extracts of all natural plants such as soy, corn, grain, potatoes, trees, etc., are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences, they lose their former characteristics. New particles are created described as "colloidal micelles." Colloidal micelles are so small (.000,000,001cm) they can only be observed with the most powerful electron microscope.

How do they work?

They surround and separate (emulsify) oil (hydrocarbon) molecules from each other and/or the surface to which they cling. Once surrounded and separated, the soil can be rinsed or wiped away as easily as dry sand.

Information from the Illinois EPA:

How Can I Clean Carpets Using a More Environmentally Friendly GREEN Process?

By using "green" organic carpet cleaning products, carpet cleaners limit their exposure to toxins and can market their environmentally responsible services Scottsdale az.

Practical, nontoxic alternatives to standard carpet & floor cleaning products are labeled as "green" cleaning agents. Some "green" carpet cleaning products do not contain butyl cellusolve. By using environmentally safe chemicals to clean carpets, the cleaner and others at the business or residence are not exposed to toxic chemicals. The "green" cleaning agents are also safe for the cleaner to handle Scottsdale az.

Customers are becoming more aware of the health hazards associated with toxic carpet cleaning chemicals. Babies, children and adults who are exposed to toxic chemical residue may develop mental and physical health deficiencies. Playing on carpet cleaned with toxic chemicals can be especially dangerous.

Customers prefer professionals who use green cleaning chemicals. "Green" cleaning professionals have more pleased customers, more referrals and earn more money.

Cleaning professionals know that most floor cleaning chemicals contain butyl, chlorine, d-limonene, phenol or other hazardous chemicals, the fumes of which cause skin and eye irritations, asthma, emphysema, constant fatigue, headaches, emotional instability, immune weakness, long-term illnesses and premature aging.

They are seeking greener, healthier, non-toxic chemicals for their customers and their own health. 

Why are informed people switching to organic cleaners?

They are aware that many ordinary cleaning products contain dangerous butyls, chlorine, phenols or other harsh chemicals that cause skin and eye irritations, asthma, emphysema, constant fatigue, headaches, immune weakness, illnesses and premature aging scottsdale az. Removing unhealthy chemicals and their fumes from homes and businesses is a simple way to improve personal and family health

What are organic cleaners?

They are blended from processed extracts of natural plants.

What makes them so much better?

1. They are healthier. They do not contain the toxic, health-threatening fumes and carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (VOC's).2. They are "readily biodegradable" (EPA's highest product classification).3. They work better and more thoroughly than other "environmental" cleaners.4. They tested 105% effective compared to Federal Cleaning Efficiency Standards.5. They cost less.

Do they contain toxic chemicals such as butyl, chlorine, d-limonene, formaldehyde, hydroxides, phenols, phosphates, oil wastes or other dangerous chemicals?

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