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Does your mattress need to be cleaned scottsdale az? There are several techniques which can be used to remove organic stains and keep your mattress and carpet fresh.




Method 1 of 7: Common Steps For Cleaning Mattresses all natural way

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    Vacuum the mattress. This helps to keep it clean by the sheer fact that when it does get wet, there is less matter in the dirt to cause it to stain.

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    Try using an green upholstery & mattress cleaner. Since they are made for surfaces that touch your skin (e.g. your couch), it should work unless you are extremely sensitive to cleaners in general. It also has the advantage of removing dust mites[1] and their refuse.


    Use enzyme cleaners. All natural Enzyme cleaners are effective in breaking down the 'structure' of the stains which helps to lessen them.




Method 2 of 7: Unidentified Mattress Stains

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    Spray it with a citrus type cleaner and let it set for about five minutes.Afterward, blot (don't rub) as much of the cleaner out as you can using a clean, white, absorbent cloth. A mild dish detergent can also be used.




Method 3 of 7: Blood Stains

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    Use hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the mattress and blot it while it is bubbling. This may not remove all the stain, but will help to lessen it. Be sure to blot it with a clean, white, dry cloth.

Rinse with cold water (hot cooks the proteins). Rub in meat tenderizer from the pantry which removes the proteins. Rinse and follow up as per rust removal to remove the iron found in the blood. All natural carpet & mattress cleaning for entire scottsdale az.

  • You can also add in salt to plain water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. This is particularly effective in removing fresh blood mattress cleaning 85260
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